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Make your next ride more fun, comfortable and safe with the right saddle and tack. King's Pawn Shop Inc will supply you with everything your horse needs to make that happen. When you stop by here, you immediately gain access to a COMPLETE selection of OUTSTANDING saddle and tack items to make your riding experience perfect.

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You get a 30-day guarantee on ALL saddle and tack items that you buy from us. To learn more about the benefits of buying from King's Pawn Shop Inc, stop by during our business hours.

No matter how uncommon a saddle and tack item is, contact us. The selection of saddle and tack that we carry is IMMENSE, so there's a good chance that we've got what you need. Don't forget to visit us if you're in Kansas.

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King's Pawn Shop Inc can take care of all your saddle and tack needs!

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