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We'll help you transform your home into an entertainment hub with a VAST collection of electronics for sale. The King's Pawn Shop Inc team will use our experience to guide you to the exact electronic item that you need to complete your entertainment set, gaming space or photography set.

Your Electronics Selection

  • TVs

  • Amps

  • Subwoofers

  • Receivers

  • Gaming consoles

  • Radios

  • Stereos

  • Cameras of all types

  • Much more!


You get a 30-day guarantee on ANY electronic item that you buy from us. To learn more about the benefits of buying from King's Pawn Shop Inc, stop by during our business hours.

King's Pawn Shop Inc is one of the largest and oldest pawn shops in Kansas. Our spacious facilities house a HUGE variety of electronics, giving you access to a broad selection. This helps ensure that your needs are met.

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Every Electronic You Need

If there's any type of electronic item you need, you can find it at King's Pawn Shop Inc!

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